Saturday Night Live Recap (Jonah Hill and The Shins)


Hey y’all! Gawd…I am so happy they did another Paula Deen sketch. Anyway, I don’t remember much about Jonah Hill’s first hosting job. I remember not liking it much. However, I thought this particular episode was OK. It certainly wasn’t bad…but at the same time, it didn’t reach the highs of Maya, Jimmy, Zooey and Daniel. But, still, I laughed a lot. Most of that has to do with the fact that it’s spring break and I’m home again. So, unlike my last post, I’m in a very good mood. Let’s go through each sketch!

Rush Limbaugh: Yeah, this sketch could have had more bite to it. I think it could have been even more unflattering towards the idiot that is Rush Limbaugh. However, I still thought this was a funny sketch and better than most cold opens. And, really, this sketch deserves an “A” alone for Taran Killam’s pitch perfect Rush Limbaugh impression. Now…let’s go through the funniest advertisers mentioned:

Moist Books! Hey! Who left these books out in the rain?! We did. Moist books…”

Depends for Racists! If you pee a little every time you see a Mexican, you need  Depends for Racists.”

Lee’s Pencil Dullers! Ow! This pencil is too sharp. Here. Try this Pencil Duller. What is it? A pencil duller. What does it do? What do you think? It dulls pencils. Fine, sure, give me one. Lee’s pencil dullers.”

“The healthy new snack Misaki Dolphin Poppers. All the nutrients we need because dolphins are so much like us. So start your day out right…with bits of dolphin in your mouth.”

Monologue: This was a really long monologue. First Jonah Hill said a few words about the Oscars (with a couple “meh” digs towards The Artist). Then we were treated to a funny pre tape segment revolving around how stuck up Hill has been acting since his Oscar nod. There were a couple really funny moments, including a square off with Kristen Wiig about their Oscar noms, a scene with Jay Pharoah admitting that the his character Black Captain Jack Sparrow is black because, well, he’s black. And of course, the hilariousness of his increasingly shrinking glasses with his bigger scarves. So funny. And then we have a pretty long finale featuring Tom Hanks and him gloating about his two Oscars. Honestly, I would have cut the Tom Hanks bit. However, I can’t blame the writers for adding Hanks in if he offered to be a part of the episode. I guess…I’m getting a little tired of these “special guests” that appear during the monologue. Moving on…

Jonah Hill has definitely gained back some weight. He still looks handsome though.

Adam Grossman: This is a fun sketch. And I have to admit, Jonah Hill does a a very impressive job with this character. And he really looks like he’s having a gay ol’ time saying his sometimes mildly clever lines. However…I didn’t laugh once. I barely cracked a smile. But whatevs…

Science Finders: Another Digital Short. I thought the first half of this sketch was funny. For some reason, the close up facial shots of Jonah Hill before getting hit in the balls made me laugh. They were weirdly dramatic and funny. Or maybe it’s his face. I…think he has a very handsome face. Anyway, this was an OK sketch.

J Pop America Fun Time Now: OK…I’m officially turned. The first two times they aired this sketch (Anna Faris and Katy Perry), I didn’t care much for it. But I found this installment incredibly hilarious. I think this third installment definitely elevated from the last two…but I think overall I’ve grown to appreciate these characters and Killam and Bayer’s lively performance. I thought the beginning was funny with the fact that Bayer turned in a test answering the questions with stickers, while Killam turned the test into a paper crane. I also cracked up during their first song when Killam was grinding on Bayer, followed by Bayer hilariously shouting “MEET GUEST DUDU!!!” Jonah Hill’s appearance wasn’t too funny until he started breaking, then I completely lost it. The “Power of my Sword” song also perfectly complemented that. However, once again, Fred Armisen’s two second cameo as Killam’s Japanese girlfriend completely sold me. Loved this sketch! Officially love this series!

Weekend Update: Again, so happy that Wiig’s Paula Deen is back. The second we found out that Paula Deen had diabetes (shocker), I immediately thought of Wiig and her hilarious impression. This killed me. It really did. I literally had to pause the TV just to catch my breath. The part about “twinks and Twinkies” esp. did it for me. Brava, Kristen! Next up Andy came by and pretended to be Sarah Palin. It was OK and inoffensive. Then things ended with Stefon, who’s always reliably funny, but might be getting A LITTLE  stale. However, his breaking was esp. magical this time around (HUMAN ROOMBAS!) and that kiss with Seth Meyers was esp. revolutionary so I’d consider this a successful outing. A strong WU in my opinion.

Talking Ape: I’m pretty sure the ape was Fred Armisen. C’mon guys. Who else would it be? Bobby? Anyway, overall, I found this polarizing sketch successful. It didn’t have too many laughs from me, but it was entertaining. Weirdly, I found the ape character very adorable and sympathetic. And, yeah, the make up and costuming for this sketch was impressive.

Liza Minelli Tries to Turn off a Lamp: I’m sorry but this was another Kristen Wiig moment that made me lose it (in a good way). I think the title of the sketch speaks for itself. A nice complement to the Ann-Margret sketch they did last year.

I wonder what happened to the mysterious Sports Center sketch?

Coolio: A fun way to end the show. I love sketches like these.

The Shins were fucking awesome. End.

Overall, I had some really killer laugh moments, but I think considering how Jonah was used and the overall flow, this was an OK, not stand out, episode.

MVP: Kristen Wiig for eating that stick of butter.


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